FTP using FireFTP

This tutorial shows you how to use FireFTP to transfer files from your computer to your 10 meg free space on NDTC servers. We chose FireFTP because it is FREE and generally easy to use.

FTP stands for File Tranfer Protocol. It is the sister of the more commonly used HTTP. Both protocols deal with transfering data across the internet. FTP is a way for you to take files from your computer and upload them to another computer, usually a web server. Or, it is also a way of downloading files from another computer to yours.

You will use your login that you got and password that you set up for your email account at NDTC. With each email account you have at NDTC, you also have 10 meg of web space.

Follow these steps:

1. Download the Firefox browser and install it. (Follow the prompts on your computer.)

Download Firefox - Free

2. Once you have Firefox installed you will need to install FireFTP.

To install FireFTP, go to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/684 and click on the 'Add to Firefox' button.

Add to Firefox

The following box will open:

Click "Install".

You will be prompted to restart Firefox. Click "Restart Now" to compelete the install.

3. To Set Up FireFTP

Go to your menu bar and click Tools-> Web Developer -> FireFTP. Alternatively, you can use the toolbar button. To add the toolbar button, right click on the Firefox toolbar and select "Customize...". Then find the FireFTP button and drag it to the toolbar somewhere.

4. To Connect to an FTP Server and Transfer Files

Perform the following:

Under the accounts menu, select "Create an account..."
Create an account...

The Account Manager dialog box will open.

Go to the "Host" field and enter in the name of the server - www.gondtc.com. Replace username with your NDTC login or username for your email account. For example: if your email is johndoe@gondtc.com, your username is johndoe and your Account Name can be John Doe. (The Account Name can be anything you want, but the Login must be your NDTC username.)

Account Set Up

Click Ok to save the account information and to close the dialog box.

Once you've connected, you'll find that the local files are on your left and the remote files are on your right.

You will need to create a folder for your files on the remote side. The folder must be named public_html.

FireFTP Screen Shot

To create the directory, right click in the right pane under Name and choose Create Directory. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D. Name that directory public_html exactly as shown in this example. It is case sensitive.

Create Directory

To transfer files between your computer and the server, you can drag them between panes, or you can use the arrow buttons.

5. To Disconnect

Click the Disconnect button next to the Account Name you created.

6. To view/access the files once you've uploaded them, go to http://www.gondtc.com/~username/.

You will see a directory listing of all of your uploaded files, as long as there is no "index.html" file. Each individual file located here can be addressed as: http://www.gondtc.com/~username/filename.extension.

You can send this URL to anyone that needs it, and when they click on the URL, it will initiate a download of that file to their computer. Sending a URL in an e-mail instead of a file will save a lot of time, and is a much more efficient way to share files.