Personal Sites

Web Publishing

NDTC offers space (10mb) for personal web pages free of charge to NDTC Internet subscribers. Free web page hosting is for personal use by NDTC subscribers only. (Sorry, no commercial or advertising content)

For information regarding business, professional, and commercial web hosting, please contact our Web Designer at or 662-1100.

NDTC is providing this service as a convenience to our valued customers. Because we are providing the page hosting for free, we will be unable to provide any technical support beyond the instructions on this page. If you require additional technical support, please feel free to contact us about having your personal page developed, designed, and published by NDTC.

If you would like to create your own webpages, we have found a free editor named PageBreeze which is quite simple to use. The free version does not include an FTP utility, but you can visit our FTP page to learn how to use FireFTP to move your webpage files to our servers.

Technical help:

You will need to create a folder on the server named public_html and the home page of your web site will need to be named index.html. The folder and file names ARE CASE SENSITIVE.

The URL of your personal web page will be (Replace username with your own user name or login.)