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Week of December 7th

College Football

NDSU vs Samford
Friday, Dec 9th @6pm
ESPN2 ~ Ch 32

College Hockey

Minnesota vs Wisconsin
Friday, Dec 9th @8pm
BTN ~ Ch 40
Saturday, Dec 10th @6pm
BSN ~ Ch 39

College Volleyball - NCAA D1 Championships

Minnesota vs Ohio State
Thursday, Dec 8th @11am
ESPN2 ~ Ch 32

Wisconsin vs Penn State
Thursday, Dec 8th @5pm
ESPNU ~ Ch 34

Nebraska vs Oregon
Thursday, Dec 8th @11am
ESPNU ~ Ch 34

Regional Finals - Saturday, Dec 10th | ESPNU ~ Ch 34

College Basketball

University of Jamestown vs VCSU
Tuesday, Dec 7th
WBB @6pm | MBB @8pm
BEK Sports ~ East Ch 4 | West Ch 424

UND WBB vs Weber State
Saturday, Dec 10th @1pm
Midco Sports ~ Ch 38

UND MBB vs Seattle
Saturday, Dec 10th @3pm
Midco Sports ~ Ch 38

NDSU MBB vs Montana
Saturday, Dec 10th @7pm
WDAY'Z Xtra ~ Ch 408

NDSU MBB vs Waldorf
Sunday, Dec 11th @5pm
WDAY'Z Xtra ~ Ch 408



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